Finally online the video event of the new
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From the Italian West Coast to the world:
Nenne Sanguineti Poggi
an artist without borders

The Western Riviera: Italian West Coast

Liguria is the region located in the extreme west of Italy. The Western Riviera is the part of Liguria that extends from Savona to the border of France and the Cote d’Azur. It is a land overlooking the sea, rich with beacheas, cliffs, mountains and Medierranean flora, where one breathes in the freedom of experiencing its sea, sport, wine, good food, chinotto and all the authentic flavors of Liguria.

Since 2021, this land has assumed its name, Italian West Coast, so as to evoke the same nostalgia for California, with its oasis by the sea, vacations and untamed natural landscape.  But it also includes the history, culture and Italian art, with unknown places left to be discovered, and not yet assaulted by mass tourism.  It is this land we want to introduce you to through this event which includes the artwork, recipes and story of an artist and intellectual born on the Italian West Coast at the turn of the 20th century: Nenne Sanguineti Poggi

Nenne Sanguineti Poggi: an artist without borders

Born in Italy in 1909, in Savona, on the Ligurian Coast of Ponente, and into a family of nobility, where culture, arts and letters had been highly considered for generations, Nenne Sanguineti Poggi went on to become a highly acclaimed artist, mosaicist and writer. During the 30 years she lived in Africa, she continued to paint, and she worked on large projects, both public and monumental. She has been exhibited on 3 continents, and her image as a woman, journalist and experimental artist lie beyond the confines of her time. Trained in the Ligurian and Milanese intellectual context, after her long African experience, she returned to Liguria  in 1970, to her home/studio in Finale Ligure, where she continued to paint for another 40 years amongst the flavors and colors of the sea and Mediterranean flora of her land: the Coast of Ponente, or the Italian West Coast. Totally independent until the very end, she died in 2012 at 103.

Riviera di Ponente – Italian West Coast
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